High Throughput Multi-gene Expression Services

Take advantage of fast and efficient screening for multiple gene expression

Taking advantage of the cell-free technology and of a dedicated process, Synthelis performs a fast screening step to obtain the protein samples and then proceeds to quality control tests to estimate the solubility and the integrity of each sample.
In order to run this process, Synthelis requires at least, the DNA sequence of each protein to be expressed.

The process designed by Synthelis for this service offer is summarized in the chart flow below:

HTME_process_2-Synthelis,high throughput multi gene expression services,scaleup

High Throughput Multi-gene Expression service by Synthelis
Supporting you through GO/NO GO steps from feasibility studies to sample delivery

At the end of this study, Synthelis will provide you with either the raw samples or the purified samples as well as a confidential report containing:
–    An overview of the screening tests
–    An evaluation of the solubility / integrity of each protein sample
–    An executive summary outlining the potential for scale-up
A project Go/No Go decision is made at the end of the screening and QC phase before scaling-up the protein production.


–    Fast expression of a large number of DNA constructs
–    Preliminary information available on 384 expression conditions in 24 hours
–    Fast information about the expression & solubility of your target proteins
–    Fast selection of the soluble protein samples
–    Efficient process before the protein production scale-up
–    Competitive pricing

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