Functional Protein Cell-free Production Services

Functionality: only the best is good enough

In order to initiate the project, Synthelis conducts a feasibility study to establish the viability of the protein production process while also determining the expected yield and purity.
To start this feasibility study phase, Synthelis require PCR product samples, expression vectors, or, the DNA sequence for the protein to be produced.

The samples are then cloned into suitable expression vector(s) during the Molecular Biology step (1), before transferring to the Screening phases (2 and 3).
At this stage, a multitude of additives and parameters are screened to optimize expression, folding, stability and functionality of the target protein. The selected optimal conditions will be used when production is scaled-up.

Synthelis_global_workflowV2,functional protein,cellfree production services

Functional Protein Cell-free Production Services process
Supporting you through GO/NO GO steps from feasibility to delivery

At the end of this study, Synthelis will provide you with a confidential report containing:
–    An overview of the screening processes
–    An evaluation of the membrane protein purity rate
–    The functionality assessment and/or the structural analysis
–    An executive summary outlining the potential for scale-up

A project Go/No Go decision is made at the end of the feasibility study, or at the end of quality controls.


–    Faster than cell-based systems (days vs weeks)
–    Yield strongly improved compared to extraction methods for membrane proteins
–    Proteoliposome immobilization without any protein modification
–    Formats (liposomes, nanodiscs…) compatible with biochemical and biophysical assays (Biacore, Octet…)
–    Robust and reproducible process (ISO13 485 level)
–    Suitable for site specific labelling and non natural AA insertion
–    Rigorous functional and structural characterization of the target
–    High expression yields suitable for industrial production
–    Solutions for solubility issues
–    Full length protein expression
–    Co-expression of protein complex subunits

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