Synthelis teamYour cell-free partner

We can deliver functional membrane proteins in large quantities and in the format you need, in less time than you would think possible.
The process is simple:

  1. You send us the gene sequence or any genetic material you have.
  2. We carry out a feasibility study  to optimize the expression conditions and determine the most appropriate protein functionality test.
  3. The functionality of the protein produced is verified . This quality control procedure can also be offered as a separate analytical service.
  4. On your say-so, we start the production service for your protein.

Compared with other expression systems, Synthelis’ cell-free approach has many competitive advantages, such as:

  • Preserved functionality with full length proteins
  • Quantity: 10 to 100 mg
  • Rapidity: feasibility studies in 2-3 months and production of previously expressed proteins requires 1-2 weeks per mg of protein*.
  • High success rate: 80-90% of proteins successfully expressed, depending on the protein
  • Functionality: 80% of tested proteins are functional

*1 mg of CXCR4, 1 week for 1 mg of Bak protein. Times may vary depending on the results of the feasibility study or each protein’s expression rate.