Make your vaccine project a reality

Are you having difficulty producing the antigen you need for your vaccine project?
Do you need larger quantities of your antigen?
Are you looking for more soluble or effective full-length proteins?

Synthelis’ proprietary technology can give you access to difficult-to-express antigens.

An extended choice

Greater quantities

A longer life-span

Using its patented cell-free technology, Synthelis can produce a wide range of membrane proteins and provide full-length proteins, including toxic proteins, giving you access to an extended selection of strategic antigens.

Whereas other technologies make it difficult to produce proteins in sufficient quantities, our process bypasses cytotoxicity and insolubility issues.

A direct consequence of the proteoliposomal formulation provided by Synthelis is an extended life-span for the antigen produced. This can be further extended by producing the pegylated form of the proteoliposome. The liposome composition or size can be readily adapted according to your needs.