Give your structural biology project every chance of success

– How can you obtain functional, labeled and/or pure proteins in large quantities?
– How do you select the relevant format based on your application (e.g. detergent, liposome, nanodisc…)?
– Where can you find the right partner to lead successfully your overall project?

At the heart of the Grenoble structural biology cluster, Synthelis has the expertise and technologies available to answer your challenges and support you throughout your full project. 
Provide us with the sequence of your gene(s) and we will deliver you the protein(s) with the structure determination by recommending and implementing the best strategy to follow.


Synthelis structural biology service workflow
Supporting you through GO/NO GO steps from risk analysis to structure determination

Functionality matters

Control your labeling

High purity

Maintaining the functionality of your target is the key quality control in our process. The advantages of the cell-free protein expression system mean functionality can be unlocked and assessed.

Easily label your proteins according to your needs with non natural or chemically modified amino acids for use in NMR or neutron experiments.

Take advantage of our detergent-incorporating purification processes, and get highly purified proteins to give the best chance to your crystallization process. To help you even more, we can screen for the best detergent.


– Expertise in cell-free technology to produce in quality & quantity your protein of interest
– Full access to state-of-the-art platforms and expertise from the Grenoble structural biology cluster
– Comprehensive offer from project risk analysis to structure determination
– Industry-driven service offer with full understanding of customer challenges
– A dedicated Synthelis scientist as a single point-of-contact to ensure respect of timelines and confidentiality

Contact us to discuss your structural biology project and see how Synthelis can support you.

Off-the-shelf proteins are also available in our catalog such as Human VDAC. Discover more proteins by visiting our product catalog.