Screening & display technologies

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Looking for a protein target for your assays?
Do you need it to be functional, in a format compatible with your biochemical and biophysical assays?
Would you like to label your protein or functionalize lipids?
Having issues with ligand identification?

Synthelis has developed an innovative and flexible production process to provide you with the most suitable and functional proteins, or proteoliposomes, for your assays.

Functionality & folding

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Functionality can be unlocked by taking advantage of the modulability of the cell-free protein expression machinery. Membrane proteins are only functional in their natural environment, they must therefore be embedded into a lipid bilayer mimicking the cell membrane. By inserting proteins into liposomes during production, they conserve appropriate folding and exhibit the most relevant parts of their structure.

Whether you label your protein or use an immobilized proteoliposome, our cell-free technology can be used for all customizations to speed up and enhance your screening or display technology tool. For example, liposomes can be modified to improve their interaction with surfaces and biochips.

Consider immobilizing your Orphan Receptors to identify unknown ligands by MS.

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