Make your protein delivery project a reality

Does your protein need to be delivered and require specific targeting? 
Do you need a solution for this delivery process?
Would you like to speed-up the targeting step?
Do you need to test several liposome compositions?

Synthelis’ patented cell-free protein expression system delivers functional, full-length, proteins formulated as customized proteoliposomes in a single step, thus providing you with a tailored vehicle for the delivery of your therapeutic protein.

Adapted liposomes

Combine with drugs

Target specific cells

Take advantage of the adaptability of our cell-free system to find the best hydrophobic environment to deliver your protein to its site of action. Pegylated, biotinylated… liposomes can be used to make your proteoliposome.

Synthelis’ proteoliposomes can be encapsulated with complementary drugs to enhance the effect of your therapeutic protein.

Lipids can be modified with targeting molecules to deliver your proteoliposome to the appropriate cells.

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