Proteins inserted into a proteoliposome

Proteoliposomes, a relevant and multi-purpose format

In Synthelis’ expression system, newly synthesized membrane proteins are embedded directly into liposomes during production, thanks to the addition of 100-nm liposomes (average size) to the reaction mix.
This procedure results in the production of proteoliposomes with an average size of 600 nm (400 to 800 nm). Over 80% of the proteins we have produced to date were demonstrated to have relevant activity thanks to this procedure, which favors conserved protein conformation, and thus activity.

The size and composition of liposomes can be adjusted to ensure the best environment for your protein and to fit to your requirements.
Proteoliposomes can also be lyophilized and frozen, without loss of activity.

Proteins formulated as functional proteoliposomes are particularly relevant for applications such as: