Cell-Free for Membrane Proteins

membraneprotein,synthelis,cellfreeTailored services for membrane protein expression

Synthelis’ innovative proprietary cell-free technology is tailored for membrane proteins, which are well known to be challenging to express.
Newly synthesized proteins are embedded directly into customized liposomes during the translation step. This facilitates protein folding and conservation of protein function, producing active, “ready-to-use” and easy to conserve proteoliposomes.
By reconstituting membrane proteins in a customized lipid environment, we can mimic in vivo conditions. This is important both for functional analyses and in pharmacological applications.
If required, detergents can replace liposomes, while preserving the hydrophobic environment and making your protein soluble. The purification method is adapted to each application according to your needs, with the highest grade producing ultra pure proteins.
The strategy to apply should be selected based on discussion with our scientists.