Our exciting adventure: key steps

Synthelis was created in 2011. Here are a few key steps in our development since then.

2013 Synthelis raised 610 k€ from a group of investors, including Rhône-Alpes Création, Alpes Développement Durable Investissement (A2D-Invest), Sud Rhône-Alpes Capital, Viaduc and the Business Angels Networks from Savoie and Grenoble.
2012 Synthelis and Calixar signed a strategic partnership to create the Membrane Protein Alliance proposing a unique expertise for the supply of membrane proteins.
2011 Synthelis was independently launched in January 2011. Later that same year the company was selected as one of five French laureates of the NETVA program (New England Technology Venture Accelerator). This was the first step for Synthelis on the road to accessing the USA market.

Before the launch

2003 The starting point of Synthelis, back in 2003, was the TheReX (Experimental recombinant therapeutics) group from the Joseph Fourier University’s laboratory TIMC-Imag.
2006 Professor Lenormand’s team, one of the founders of this group, developed a cell-free (in vitro) expression system using E. coli lysate which was adapted for the production and the delivery of membrane proteins.
2007 Patenting of  Synthelis’s core technology. During the translation step, membrane proteins are embedded into liposomes, allowing the production of active “ready-to-use” proteoliposomes. Bruno Tillier was responsible for patenting the results of the TheReX group.
2008 Synthelis, a Business Unit, created at the instigation of Bruno Tillier and developed by Floralis, the TTO at the University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble started to establish itself as a leading provider of membrane proteins. In parallel, Bruno Tillier joined the GRAIN incubation program with this project.
2009 Synthelis wins two awards: the Credit Agricole Innovation Award organized by the Grenoble School for Management, and the national competition for innovative company creation organized by the French Minister for Higher Education and Research and Oseo, in the “Emerging companies” category.
2010 Synthelis wins the national competition for commercial innovation organized by the French Minister for Higher Education and Research and Oseo, in the “Creation-Development” category. BPI France  then started to financially support Synthelis in its development.